Past Presentations

2014. ‘Senior peer pressure’ and late stage language change. (with Gillian Sankoff). New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) 43, Chicago, University of Illinois, October 23-26.

2014. Incrementation in adolescence: Tapping the force that drives linguistic change. (with Sali Tagliamonte). International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE) conference 3, Zurich, Switzerland, August 24-27.

2014. What makes a panel study work? Researcher and participant in real time. (with Sali Tagliamonte). International Conference on Methods in Dialectology XV, University of Groningen, as part of the workshop Panel Studies: Challenges, food for thought and ways forward, August 15, 2014.

2013. A study of the future tenses in 20th century Montreal French. Laurence Porter French Colloquium Series, Michigan State University, September 13.

2013. Individual differences in social competence and attention to detail affect the sociolinguistic monitor. UK Language Variation and Change (UKLVC) 9, University of Sheffield, UK, September 2-4.

2013. Referential general extender use across registers in American English speech. (with Ashley Hesson and Heidi Little). UK Language Variation and Change (UKLVC) 9, University of Sheffield, UK, September 2-4.

2013. What might individual differences tell us about language change across the lifespan? University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Department Speaker Series, Philadelphia, PA, March 14.

2012. Reliability, accountability and stuff like that: Quantifying pragmatic function in general extenders. (with Ashley Hesson and Kali Bybel) Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change, University of Salford, UK, April 18-20.

2012. A shot in the arm for sociolinguistics. (with Ashley Hesson and J. Daniel Hasty). Georgetown University Round Table (GURT) 2012, Georgetown University, March 8-11.

2012. Shifting and separating: Directions in individual lifespan linguistic change. (with Madeline Shellgren). Conference on Sources of Individual Linguistic Differences. University of Ottawa, Canada, March 2-4. abstract

2011. The long tail of language change: Québécois French futures in real time. (with Gillian Sankoff and Laura Jensen). NWAV 40, Georgetown University, October 27-30 2011. abstract, handout